Water Damage Photo Gallery

Commercial Water Damage

A local hospital is one of our largest customers. No one can predict water damage so that is why SERVPRO is always ready and prepared. So when this water loss happened, we had the hospital cleaned up and running smoothly in no time.

Water damage in Hammond, LA

Water damage is something we see everyday. Every job is different and different techniques may be needed for each job. That's why it is important for us to have our technicians up to date on the latest training and technology. So our technicians are prepared for whatever happens.

Water Damage at School

SERVPRO knows disasters never strike at a convenient time. So when on the first day back to school an elementary school flooded it was a total shock to everyone. It took us no time to get all the water extracted and get drying equipment in place. The school couldn't believe how fast we were able to get everything cleaned up and with very little disruption.

Water Loss at a Car Dealership

All job large and small we can handle them all. This a was a large loss at a car dealership that took some specialty drying. SERVPRO knows that no two water jobs are ever the same and this one is no exception. But no matter what obstacles we may face we find a way to over come it and always make sure we have a happy, satisfied customer.